How to plan a low budget-friendly trip to Kasol?

Budget Trip to Kasol


Enjoying the breathtaking state of Himachal Pradesh is a blessing in itself. Nature lovers often find peace in the little village known as Kasol. And if you are looking for an adventure, Kasol is a perfect choice.

Over the past few years, Kasol has made its way on the list of the most popular cities in Himachal Pradesh for national and international backpackers. 

And the good news is that you can plan your Kasol trip on a low budget. Whether on a family trip, a friend or even a solo trip, you can keep Kasol on your travel list.

Today, in this article, let’s find out how to plan a Kasol trip on a low budget so that you can explore the beauty of this village and make memorable memories from this place.


Itinerary for a Budget-friendly Trip to Kasol

The number of days plays an essential role in the cost of any trip; let us consider a simple itinerary for a budget trip to Kasol.

  1. Day 1 – Reach Kasol from Delhi / Chandigarh
  2. Day 2 – Chill in Kasol, hike to Chalal village
  3. Day 3 – Kasol to Kheerganga trek
  4. Day 4 – Kheergana – Tosh
  5. Day 5 – Tosh – Kasol – Delhi / Chandigarh

You should know the starting point of your Kasol trip that impacts the budget because you might need to choose different modes of transport to reach the location for the Kasol trip.

These locations can be Delhi, Chandigarh, or even when you fly to Bhuntar, Kasol. If you choose to go to the Kasol trip via plane, it is no longer a budget trip.


How to Plan Kasol trip on a Low Budget?

For the Kasol trip, you have three options to travel; by air, by bus and by rail. Of course, the cost will vary depending on the option you choose.


Travel to Kasol By Train 

The nearby station to Kasol is Joginder Nagar Railway Station. You can choose the sleeper class, which will cost you around Rs.280, or you can go for 3-AC for Rs.755. 

Once you reach Joginder Railway Station, you can book a shared cab to Kasol. The drop will cost you around Rs.200.


Travel to Kasol By Road 

If you are travelling alone for a Kasol trip, choose a local bus according to your budget. And if you have 4 to 5 friends, you can hire a cab to Kasol. 

The comfort and flexibility in your car with your friends will be easy than on a local bus.

Travelling to Kasol with your friends would be around Rs.1200 to Rs.1500 for fuel, depending on your car’s mileage.


Hostel Budget in Kasol

If you want to save money on a Kasol trip, stay in hostels and make new friends there. 

The entire village of Parvati Valley is full of budget stay options, including Waichin Valley Malana, Tosh, Chalal, and Pulga. These budget options have hostels, camping, food and dormitories.

You can get a dorm for around Rs.200 – Rs.300 per night. And a private room costs around Rs.400 to Rs.500 per night per person.

Hence, the hostel budget for a 5-day Kasol trip on your stay will be around Rs.1500 to Rs.2000 per person.


Food Budget in Kasol

There is no limit on how much you want to spend on food in Kasol. It comes from the fact of how, where and what you eat. 

An average person eating three meals per day with few snacks in between will cost around Rs.400 to Rs.500 per day.

You can eat at roadside dhabhas, which will cost around Rs.250 to Rs.300 per day per person.

Hence, for a 5-day Kasol trip cost on food, you can consider about Rs.2000 to 2500 per person.



In the end, we can say that certain comforts go out of the window when you plan a trip on a low budget. You should learn to cherish the moments instead of material things.

You can book Green Park, a hostel in Kasol near the Parvati River, when planning a low-budget trip to Kasol. 

If you love to experience a dense forest adventure in Kasol with a serene landscape, stay at Green Park, the best hostel in Kasol and make all the fun and thrilling memories. 

From mouthwatering cuisines to comfortable rooms, either dormitory or private rooms (standard or deluxe), you get to experience it all. 

Not only this, but you will have the best time with your loved ones enjoying a bonfire and camping in Kasol at Green Park. 

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