Things to Do in Kasol – A Complete Travel Guide

Things to Do in Kasol – Are you planning to take a short break with your friends? Are you a sucker for unique and mesmerising serene landscapes? The answer to these questions is.” A trip to Kasol.”

Nowadays, Kasol is on everybody’s checklist. The magical little village is 42 km away from the Bhuntar airport, offering your soul much peace and positive energy.

You will get to explore a lot of mini treks and hikes that take you to beautiful villages, surprising you with the generosity and kindness of the localities living in the village.

But let me guess, you are unaware of things to do in Kasol, and you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here is valuable information about Kasol, a few places to explore, some tips and suggestions you should follow, and a complete first-timer’s travel guide.

About Kasol :

Kasol is a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh, located in the Kullu district and Parvati Valley between Bhuntar and Manikaran.

Mini-Israel and Amsterdam of India are the other two names of Kasol because of the many foreigners and Israeli visitors. So, don’t get surprised when you see more Israeli people than Indians.

Culture in Kasol :

Parvati valley is famous for its culture and the peace you feel there. A famous Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahib is primarily known for its hot water spring near Kasol. Moreover, the Parvati valley and Shiva temple attract followers as well.

Nature feels so good here that you don’t want to return to your mundane life. The adventurous treks, the delightful villages and unusual weather will make your trip dreamy.

Weather in Kasol :

The weather in Kasol is terrific throughout the year, and you can experience all the seasons there, either pleasant summers or serene snowfall in winters.

The temperature in winters goes beyond -1 degrees. And you can find lush greenery covering the village with the Parvati river.

You can plan the trip according to your favourite season. Though, you should avoid visiting during monsoon season because of the slipperiness. It is advisable to go on the trek in the rainy season, as the area is prone to landslides often.

Best Time to Visit Kasol :

If you are planning to visit Kasol for the first time, the best time for you is between March and June.

And during summers, the temperature would be around 15 to 19 degrees; you can trek and enjoy the weather. There are party scenes all around summers in Kasol because it is crowded at that time only.

So, if you want less crowd and don’t care about commercial activities, choose to visit between September to November. It will be a bit colder around this time.

How to Reach Kasol?

Following are the ways to reach Kasol, which you can choose as per your personal choice :

  1. Airway – Bhuntar is the nearest airport, about 31 km away. But there are very few flights to Bhuntar. So, if you wish to take this route, you can also book a taxi/cab from Bhuntar Airport, and you will reach your destination within an hour.
  1. Railway – Joginder Railway Station is the nearest 144 km away from Kasol. It will take 4 to 5 hours if you book a taxi or cab from the railway station.
  1. Roadway – One of the best ways to take a trip to Kasol is by road. Once you exit Chandigarh, greenery and serene views of mountains will welcome you, along with good music and great company. The roads are in pretty good condition.

You can also get a bus from ISBT Chandigarh overnight, and once you reach Bhuntar, you can take local buses to get there. It will be a worthwhile trip for you.

Things to Do in Kasol ?

When you know what to do in Kasol, then your real Kasol trip gets started. Below are some of the exciting things to do

  1. Hiking and Trekking – Nothing is more peaceful and refreshing than walking along with greenery lush. And trekking and hiking can do this for you. Kheerganaga trek is the magical heaven for those who come to visit Kasol.

At the top of Kheer Ganga, you can feel the clouds, long pine trees and snowy mountains. The trekking route contains interesting spots like Rudra waterfall, Shiva temple, and flora.

  1. Israeli Food – You cannot miss the lemon cakes, shakshouka, and other exotic Israeli cuisines in Kasol. And for dessert, visit ‘Evergreen restaurant and cafe’ and ‘The German Bakery at the Moon Dance.’
  1. Chalal Village – Chalal Village is an addictive place full of chirpy birds and colourful trees. It takes around 25 to 30 minutes to reach Chalal Village by trek. You can also visit small and cute cafes in this village and taste the mouth-watery food there.
  1. Embrace the Serenity – You can read, draw, sketch, paint, play guitar, or do anything you love in the beautiful scenes surrounded by a mighty river. At the core of your heart, you will feel peace.
  1. Camping – if you like to explore the true Kasol, try camping. You can find many camps nearby, quite comfortable and neatly maintained. As far as the prices are concerned, you can get a hot deal in the off-season (Rs.150/person) and a little high during peak season(Rs.300 per person).

In the end, we can conclude that the Parvati valley trip will be one of your favourites of all the trips. Make sure to do things as discussed above.

Taking extra cash with you when you go out is recommended because of the limited ATMs. Do carry a water bottle when you go hiking or camping.

Wear good trekking shoes and ensure you don’t throw any plastic or garbage in the mountains or valleys. Please let them stay beautiful and clean.

So, if you are planning a trip to Kasol and don’t know where to stay, then book GreenPark, the best hostel in Kasol with all the basic and standard amenities, beautiful rooms and tasty food.

You can have the best time with your loved ones by enjoying a bonfire and camping in Kasol at Green Park.

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